Agents of a new wave

Welcome to the human side of business.

our purpose

To create the conditions for individuals to awaken their purpose, passion and career in order to live their lives filled with joy.


Our Story

Eleven Eleven is a talent collective offering enlightened recruitment and HR services for purpose led companies. Based in Vancouver, we catalyze transformational experiences in the lives of candidates and companies alike. Our name is rooted in the philosophy that there’s an intentional alignment that happens when you make bold moves towards your dreams. It’s not chance—it’s a purposeful shift that transforms your career and ultimately, your life. You have the power to create this change, and we have the skills to help you get there.

Welcome to the collective, Your Time is Now.


Our Values



We operate at the harmonic intersection of Western Science and Eastern Philosophy. Our work is based on data, knowledge, and neuroscience with a strong influence of intuition, connectivity, and mindfulness. We are constantly evolving and creating our methods and philosophy.



We believe in joy as a powerful indicator of fulfilment. We keep close what makes us feel happy and peaceful, checking in with our joy to guide us in every interaction. We gauge success by an old Egyptian proverb ‘Did you find joy in your life? Did you bring joy to others?’



We are untethered. We exist to unchain the traditions hindering you from working where you are most inspired. We believe in the freedom of self-expression and the basic human rights to inclusion, love, and belonging, especially when it comes to your career.



11:11 is a powerful numeration representing clarity, guidance, and enlightenment. It's an auspicious set of numbers in numerology, and represents a powerful moment that sparks change. In the spirit of 11:11, we use our intuition to guide us through all aspects of our business in order to make quality, conscious decisions that change lives.



The bubbly beverage is a playful representation of simplicity, luxury, and savouring the moment. We honour our ridiculous side. We strive for bliss, pleasure, and everything in between—and we think your path to purpose should include all of the above.


We’re not your average HR service—clinical interactions really aren’t our jam. What you can expect from our targeted headhunting, skills assessment, and cultural fit interviews is passionate expertise and real results.


“I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with ElevenEleven over the past two years and have been blown away by how quickly and thoughtfully they’ve been able to solve my recruitment issues. The team there is committed to the success of my business as if they worked within the company.”

Agata Zasada, Chief People Officer at Spence Diamonds


Our Founders



Tess Sloane

Tess is a firm believer in the philosophy of transformation, with concrete examples throughout her 14+ years in the HR industry. She has catalyzed purpose-led paths for people and worked for global brands renown for their transformative People Practices and HR strategies.

Using her technical background and instinct as a true north star, her approach blends eastern and western philosophies, finding harmony between tried and true tactics and progressive, forward thinking innovation.

With a passion for neuroanatomy and meditation she is able to harness the intersection of the brain + mind body connection to produce life changing results. For Tess, the ultimate success story is a testament to humanity—it is true, deep fulfillment for both candidate and company.

Tess is a certified Meditation teacher, a regular speaker at Universities, Women Events and HR Conferences - Tess is committed to the conversation of remaining deeply connected to your purpose and the continued development of your whole self.



Alisha Adams

Alisha is fed by passion and fuelled by connection. With over a decade in Talent Acquisition, she has transformed careers and lives across industries—and oceans.

Having studied Fashion Merchandising and worked with global apparel brands, Alisha has a strong knowledge of the product lifecycle and retail landscape. She has built extensive talent networks throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. It's this global experience combined with a network built on deep respect that poised her well to co-found Eleven Eleven Talent Collective.

Balancing business strategy with emotional intelligence, Alisha customizes experiences based on each individual’s unique desires, bold in the conviction that there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to fulfilling your dreams. 

Alisha is passionate about elevating women in business and entrepreneurship and frequently speaks on these topics. She believes in everyone’s right to design a life they love through awakening their purpose, passion, and career.