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Above all else, we promise to stay focused on what matters to you—whether that’s a candidate with the right values or an employer with a passion for purpose. We’re not your average HR service—clinical interactions really aren’t our jam. What you can expect from our targeted headhunting, skills assessment, and cultural fit interviews is passionate expertise and real results.


Our Services


Dynamic Sourcing

There’s no one-size-fits all model for acquisition—it’s as unique as the individual and your company. That’s why we’ve crafted a custom approach to talent sourcing that goes beyond the basics.


Full-Cycle Recruitment

Our hands-on option. We follow through from start to finish with expertise, intuition, and ardor. Our process includes:

• Market mapping
• Management interview scheduling
• In-depth skills assessment and cultural screen
• Overseeing of all negotiations through to close
• Presentation of candidates with full assessment
• Headhunting of passive talent through our networks


Flat-Fee Candidate Delivery 

Our guided approach. We launch the process and set your internal team up for a successful close. Our process includes:

• Market mapping
• Headhunting of passive talent through our networks
• In-depth skills assessment and cultural screen
• Presentation of candidates with full assessment
• Client takes candidate through the rest of the process through to close


Transformative Training

Empowering your process. We offer intuitive coaching to amplify your current course. We offer training in:

• Recruitment: Market mapping, headhunting and sourcing for internal teams who wish to finesse their skills
• Interview training: For your hiring managers and key stakeholders to effectively assess talent skills and culture/values
• Leadership
• Respect in the workplace + Harassment Training
• Diversity and inclusion


Cultural Consulting

Awakening the human side of your business. We provide in-depth consulting to cultivate culture and bolster your business. Our offering includes:

• Compensation analysis
• Review analysis
• Termination guidance
• Performance management and succession planning
• On-boarding
• Policy development and documentation
• Compliance legal and employment standards guidance
• Culture strategy
• Organizational structure and development
• Vision and goals


“The ElevenEleven events allow me to connect & hear the latest in new technology and innovation in the HR and Recruiting space.”

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